November 16, 2020

The Nintendope’s Thoughts On… 2021 Predictions for Nintendo

Welcome to our new show! Greg is going solo to get even deeper on all things gaming... even deeper than he already goes on We Podcast & We Know Things! Sometimes he'll be joined by Sam or a bunch of other potential co-hosts, but most of the time, this will just be the Nintendope talking Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft. This debut episode goes deep into predictions for Nintendo in 2021... maybe even less predictions & just what next year will look like for the Big N. From Pokémon's 25th anniversary to the 35th for the Legend of Zelda & Metroid, next year is sure to be huge for Nintendo. Will we get a New Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Pro? If we do, when will it launch & what games will it launch with? How about Breath of the Wild 2 & the next 3D Mario?... the Nintendope covers it all. Why the Nintendope? Because Greg's a dope & he likes Nintendo... it's an unbeatable combination.

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