April 16, 2018

BONUS EPISODE: Jesse Kinch Interview

In this very special bonus episode, we are joined by the winner of ABC's Rising Star & all around amazing guy, one of the most powerful voices we have ever heard, Jesse Kinch.  On top of his beginnings as a musician, including being called the "boy wonder" on the local news, we talk about Jesse's new record, I'm Not Like Everybody Else, and what it was like to put out a record four years in the making.  He is also going on a mini-tour from 4.17-4.21 in the New York area.  Jesse opens up about his first single, Preaching Like the Pope, and how he was inspired to write it after being on Rising Star.  We can't thank Jesse enough for coming on the show; you can purchase his album & follow him on social media in the links below.  SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE BONUS EPISODES! Leave a rating & review; we read them all on the air.


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