February 24, 2020

BONUS EPISODE - Jason Paige Interview (Voice of the Pokémon Anime Theme Song)

In this very special bonus episode, we interview the man who sang the original Pokémon anime theme song; he wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. The incredibly talented Jason Paige joins us! Not only is Jason the voice behind the theme song, but he sang another classic from the Pokémon anime, Viridian City! Jason tells us the story of how he was cast as the voice to millions of childhoods, when he realized Pokémon would be a smash hit & what it's like to take that song on the road in front of live audiences, among other things. Outside of Pokémon, Jason is the voice of dozens of recognizable jingles for Mountain Dew, Bounty, Subway & a ton more. He's performed in theatre, on television, in films & even on a video game. One of his biggest claims to fame was rapping with Michael Jackson live on stage for the King of Pop's 30th anniversary tour. He goes deep into all of these stories & so much more! We even has a long discussion about Rent, a production Jason has also been a part of. As always, we end the interview with our rapid fire segment, where Jason chose the best starter Pokémon & even his favorite thing about the 90's! It was an honor to have Jason on the podcast & we hope to speak to him again soon! Check out his social media & website below:

JASON'S WEBSITE: https://jasonpaige.com/

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