While we cover a TON of news this episode, including the launch of our Patreon (please consider supporting us!! Link below), this episode is mostly dedicated to our spoiler free impressions of Avengers: Infinity War.  We also break down the new Venom trailer & if a sequel to A Quiet Place would be a good thing.  Nintendo has annouced a whole bunch of stuff, which we cover wall to wall.  Finally, we review the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Event in Saudi Arabia.  SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY EPISODES! Leave a rating & review; we read them all on the air.

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Live from the Foundry in Philadelphia, less than an hour before thier set, we are joined by Hawthorne Heights lead singer/guitarist JT Woodruff to talk about their new album, Bad Frequencies, & their two month accompanying tour. JT shares what it has been like since the band signed with Pure Noise Records, expectations of the tour, the recording process for Bad Frequencies & the band's progression through each album leading up to their latest release.  We also reflect on the Philly music scene & dive deep into some venues/shows Hawthorne Heights has played in the tri-state area.  JT shares some expereinces from the Warped Tour & the Warped Tour Cruise now that the tour is ending in 2018.  Finally, he gives us his reccomendations for some awesome movies/TV shows to check out & puts a definitive stamp on who the greatest basketball player of all time is (hint, hint: the band is from Ohio).  Shout out to Heavy Things, Sienna Skies & Hotel Books for being amazing bands as well! Stay tuned at the end for a "concert review" live 10 minutes after the show ended.  Greg & Chris give their impressions on the show & the night as a whole.

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This week, we both give our spoiler free impressions of the new God of War game on PS4.  Will the X-Men & Fantastic Four come to the MCU? Will Captain Marvel be in Infinity War? Will Lynda Carter appear in Wonder Woman 2?  We give all of our opinions to those in our movies section.  A few shows were just cancelled, so after talking about them, we rank our top 3 tv shows that lasted way too long!  Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will NOT have a single player campaign & will most likely have a Battle Royale mode, both of which are not good things, according to Greg.  Nintendo Labo also came out; find out what the people are saying about it!!  SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY EPISODES! Leave a rating & review; we read them all on the air!!

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In this very special bonus episode, we are joined by the winner of ABC's Rising Star & all around amazing guy, one of the most powerful voices we have ever heard, Jesse Kinch.  On top of his beginnings as a musician, including being called the "boy wonder" on the local news, we talk about Jesse's new record, I'm Not Like Everybody Else, and what it was like to put out a record four years in the making.  He is also going on a mini-tour from 4.17-4.21 in the New York area.  Jesse opens up about his first single, Preaching Like the Pope, and how he was inspired to write it after being on Rising Star.  We can't thank Jesse enough for coming on the show; you can purchase his album & follow him on social media in the links below.  SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE BONUS EPISODES! Leave a rating & review; we read them all on the air.


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We throw "F-bombs" around a little more this episode, so you've been warned.  We're joined for the 4th time by Damien Check to break down everything that happened at Wrestlemania 34 weekend from NXT: Takeover to Mania to Raw & Smackdown as Damien was there in NOLA for the entire week!  In gaming, we talk about all the incredible God of War reviews & actually talk positively about Pokemon GO for the first time in forever.  Sam gives his impressions of the Rampage movie & of course we talk a ton more about Avengers: Infinity War.  Netflix cancelled Everything Sucks & Greg gives an obsenity-laced tyraid because that show is amazing.  We even talk about some Broadway shows! SUBSCRIBE FOR EPISODES EVERY WEEK! Leave a rating & review; we read them all on the air.

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This week, Sam is headed to Chicago Comic Con so we're recording early!  Greg goes through the announced games list for SGDQ 2018 to let you know which speedruns to look out for when it begins in June.  We also talk a ton of Spiderman on PS4 given that we now have a release date!  Spyro the Dragon was finally announced for a remaster; will we be picking it up? We also list our top 3 Avengers that we don't think will make it through Infinity War & debate who John Boyega might play if he joins the MCU.  The CW remains on fire, renewing 10 different shows for a new season & we announce yet another AWESOME bonus episode interview!  Finally, we are joined by Chris Karpovich for our NXT Takeover New Orleans & Wrestlemania 34 preview & predictions.  It is shaping up to be one of the greatest Mania's of all time.  SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW EPISODES & BE SURE TO LEAVE A RATING & REVIEW!

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Joining us this week, all the way from Chiba, Japan, is Matt Papa, the localization director & a producer from world-renowned video game developer Inti Creates.  Inti Creates has worked on multiple games in the Mega Man series, Blaster Master Zero, the Gal Gun series, the Gunvolt series & so much more.  Matt, a New Jersey native now living in Japan, tells us how he made the decision to move across the ocean, how he started with Inti Creates & what it is like going into a video game store & seeing something on the shelf that he helped create.  We also chat about all of Inti's IP, including their newest release, Gal Gun 2, which is coming out on April 24 in the US.  A link to preorder is below.  SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE BONUS EPISODES!! Leave us a rating & review; we read them all on the air.

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