On this special bonus episode of the podcast, Greg & Sam interview Danny Stevens, the lead singer of the Audition, for a conversation that lasted over an hour!! He had us in stitches.  We talk about how he got into music, his story as frontman of the Audition, some tour stories, his favorite bands to tour with and, most importantly, why he would perform on stage with bare feet!!  Danny also talks about one of the first shows he ever played, his heavy country music influences and life as a musician living in Nashville.  Danny now is a full time writer for other artists, you can listen to his tunes on his Soundcloud (link below).  We had a blast chatting with Danny and know you're going to HIGHLY enjoy this episode.

Danny's Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/danieljamessongs

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This week, Greg & Sam talk about our top memories at the Van's Warped Tour over the years, give our impressions of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, talk about the positives & negative's with DC's latest film, the Justice League, and go in depth about the adult-oriented Harley Quinn spinoff series on the upcoming DC streaming service.  Also, Greg loves The Room; you should love the room too! Reviews have dropped for James Franco & Seth Rogan's love letter to the film with it's biopic of the making, the Disaster Artist, in theaters December 8th.

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Sam is under the weather, so Greg is joined by a very special guest Allen Santos (@MrSantos24 on all social media) to talk about Illumination Entertainment (Dispicable Me, Minions, Sing) making a new animated Super Mario film in collabration with Nintendo.  We rank our favorite games to speedrun, review a BUNCH of new games, gush over the new Deadpool 2 teaser and preview WWE Survivor Series happening this Sunday night!  Greg also looks back on the Vans Warped Tour and what it means to him as the summer tour will be ending next year.

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Woooo! This week, on Veteran's Day, Sam & Greg preview November 17, 2017, which could be the craziest day of this calendar year! DC's the Justice League, Marvel's the Punisher, Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, Star Wars Battlefront II, Skyrim on Switch + VR and even more ALL come out that day!  Brian Michael Bendis leaves Marvel for DC, Twitter double its character count, Disney may purchase Fox and Rian Johnson is creating a new Star Wars trilogy.  That's only the beginning!! We get a special surprise for the episode and do a live unboxing of an Xbox One X.  Also, we review four new records that just dropped plus a local favorite's EP.  Be sure to subscribe!!

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This week, Greg & Sam give our full impressions (no spoliers!) of Stranger Things season 2, Thor: Ragnarok & Super Mario Odyssey!! Also, Razer is out with a new smart phone, the XBox One X is almost here, Call of Duty WWII IS here, Sony had a press conference at Paris Games Week & the Lord of the Rings may be getting a TV series on Amazon!   We also do our trivia, discuss GameStop finally doing something good for the players & give our picks of the week.  Subscribe to the show for more!

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