This week, Greg & Sam discuss what we didn't get to see at E3, the newest Pokemon GO update, Ron Howard taking over the latest Star Wars spinoff film and some new things coming to Netflix.  We also announce a special guest that will be joining for an interview for episode 50! A jampacked show!! Intro and outro by Dannion Conrad.

This week, we dive into personalized license plates and the reason why anyone would even have them, gush about one of Greg's favorite bands, Daphne Loves Derby ( and why people poop the way they do! THAT'S ONLY THE FIRST 20 MINUTES! Trivia is back baybayyyy.  But we do, however, go into every single E3 2017 Press Conference and break down every single announcement made from EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Sony, Bethesda and Nintendo (we even throw Devolver Digital in there)!!  We give our Top 3 E3 2017 moments and heck, we're eventually getting a full, main series Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch! SUPER HYPE!!  Sam is also going to New York!

E3 2017 is upon us! We give our very final thoughts before the show kicks off.  Sam is back and saw Wonder Woman while Greg saw Captain Underpants; you know we are giving our reviews!  Also, our reactions to the Pokemon Direct and the game announced for Nintendo Switch; is it what we wanted?  Tune in to find out.  We also recap ALL the latest news in gaming, TV, film, DC, Marvel, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Disney, Star Wars and so much more! Intro and outro by Dannion Conrad.

This week Sam is under the weather, so Greg is joined by Chris Shriver of the Platformers Podcast to give their E3 predictions!! Over 20 predicitions are shared and some are BOLD!! We also cover all the LATEST news in gaming, film and TV! Intro and Outro by Dannion Conrad.

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