This 20 minute episode is the quickest episode we've ever done because Greg had a minor oral surgery, so it wasn't easy for him to talk.  But the guys power through it to bring you the top stories in video games, music, movies and TV.  Intro and outro by Dannion Conrad.

In what is easily the most dense episode of the show, we talk about the CW DC shows and a new corssover; will it included the newly debuted (in a trailer) Black Lightning?! Pokemon GO has an incredible new event that does not last very long and are pirates holding the new Pirates of the Carribean film hostage for some treasure?? Intro and Outro by Dannion Conrad

This we, we spend a LOT of time on the latest Nintendo news, Guardians of the Galaxy reactions and ALL of the TV shows that were cancelled or renewed by various networks.  Intro and outro by Dannion Conrad.

This episode, we talk about Greg's upcoming road trip to Colorado, speedrunning DuckTales on the NES, NBA Playgrounds release date, a bunch of Marvel and DC TV news and Game of Thrones getting potential prequel spinoffs! Intro and outro by Dannion Conrad

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