This week we preview the Nintendo Switch, all of the launch titles and the upcoming Logan film.  We also announce that we'll be doing a post-podcast live stream on on weekends!  This was probably the most exciting episode of the podcast to be on.  Thanks for the support and check us out on Twitch!  Intro & outro by Dannion Conrad.

This week, on our BIG 30th episode, GREG GOT AN NES CLASSIC EDITION!! We also talk about the crumbling DC Extended Universe, particularly, feature length films.  The Batman loses its director (again) and may lose its star as well!  Generation 2 of Pokemon GO has been released and it is AWESOME!  We also break down all the latest news form Marvel, DC, Nintendo, Sony, Apple, Microsoft and more in movies, music, gaming and TV. Intro and outro by Dannion Conrad.

This episode we cover a bunch of things recently announced for Netflix and coming this year! Also, the Super Bowl was amazing, but the commercials... not so much.  We find the best of the bunch in our Top 3 Super Bowl ads.  Marvel is putting the finishing touches on the Defenders and a major DC film may need to be entirely rewritten.  Music by Dannion Conrad.

This episode is brought to you in part by Loot Crate, awesome monthly geek & gamer gear delivered to your door. USE THIS LINK TO ORDER YOUR LOOT CRATE SUBSCRIPTION: Intro & outro music by Dannion Conrad.

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